How to setup Linksyssmartwifi network using different Methods?

Getting swift and lag-free WIFI signals everywhere in your home is quite challenging. A small home with a single Linksyssmartwifi wireless router can get a decent signal coverage but will fail to reach certain areas of your home, or some of the areas may get a slow-speed internet connection. The aim of Linksys router login with the WIFI-6 is to solve such kinds of problems. Using this unique MESH networking technology, you can connect multiple Velop nodes throughout the entire home. It eliminates all types of dead zones from your home and offices as well.

Here we are going to explain both of the methods for your convenience. Follow the entire step very carefully. Else you won’t be able to get the password and the WIFI name of your router.

  1. Via Linksys Connect
  2. Via the web-based Setup

Setup Linksyssmartwifi via the Linksys Connect

  1. First of all, launch the “Linksys Connect Service” from your computer, Mac, or mobile device that you might have used to set up and configure your Linksys Velop login WIFI-6 router.
  2. If you don’t know how to launch the Linksys connect app, go to the START function of your Windows computer. And then, visit the function named [All Programs]. From here, you will go to the next function that is “Linksys Connect.”
  3. If you are a user of the Macintosh, you will go to the function called “Applications” in go, on your Mac computer to launch “Linksys Connect”.
  4. As soon as you see the screen of the Linksys Connect, then immediately select the Router Settings, name, and password. You can find it just under the function of “Personalize.
  5. The username and password of your Setup Linksyssmartwifi device are the wireless settings of your router.
  6. You can use these settings during the other device configuration with the clients on your network.
  7. Connecting additional computers with the network of your host router is quite different from connecting the computer or the wireless devices with the “Guest Network.”
  8. In a Guest Mode, you assign a separate network to the visitors and the outsiders in your home so they won’t access your personalized network and activities.
  9. Whereas in the host network, all the wired or wireless devices will be using the same network name and the IP address.
  10. Now, if you set up the router name and password, you can connect your wireless gadgets and the computers with your Linksyssmartwifi network. You can even connect a few wired devices with the same network.

Setup Linksyssmartwifi via a web Browser

  • As it is specified by its name, you have to use a smart and web-based setup wizard. So, without delay, unlock a web browser from the existing computer or the laptop.
  • If you do not have a web browser, download it from a recommended play store.
  • After unlocking the internet browser, introduce the default IP address of Setup Linksyssmartwifi. Use the IP address http192.168.1.1 and hit the ENTER tab.
  • “If it does not find any result, enter the default gateway com or enter Linksyssmartwifi” at the same search bar of the same router.
  • On the Connect to page, you will find two horizontal bars. One is to enter the default user name, and the other is the default password.
  • This is the web-based setup page, enter the two Linksys smart wifi login details at the appropriate fields, and go NEXT.
  • On the next screen, click OK. If you see a prompt to use an advanced utility, modify your router settings. It could disable your wifi network. On the Setup Linksyssmartwifi page, click the Wireless, then move next.
  • If you find your configuration view is on WI-FI Protected Setup, you can easily see the network name and the password on this same page.
  • But if the configuration view has been set to Manual, then you will get the screen in which you can see the following modes;
  1. Network Mode: Mixed
  2. Network Name (SSID): My WIFI
  3. Channel Width: 20MHz only
  4. Channel: Auto
  5. SSID Broadcast: o Enabled o Disabled
  • You have to click on the “Wireless Security” To view the “Wireless Network Security Settings”. Always take a detailed note of your Security Mode and the Passphrase. For example, use the Security Model as WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode.
  • Now you have got the password and the SSID of your Linksyssmartwifi network. It is ready to connect your entire wireless devices with the WIFI network of your com.

What is the difference between adding a second and a Guest Computer on your Linksyssmartwifi network?

Connect to the same SSID Network;

Connecting another computer or the device to the same WIFI network of is a technique in which we use three ways to connect an additional computer to our network. One is to use an Ethernet Cable. In this, associate the computer or the device using the Ethernet cable through the LAN ports of the devices.

The second way to add a device is via using an “Easy Setup Key”, and the third one is to manually associate the wireless computer using the network name and the SSID on your network.

Connecting to Guest Network;

The guest network is a function or the feature of newborn WIFI routers and the Velop in the hub of WIFI routers. It will be unsecured and available on the list of wireless networks. Anyone can automatically access this Guest Network. There is one exception that the moment you open a web browser to access the Guest Mode, you need to enter the password for this Setup Linksyssmartwifi Guest Network.


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