How to setup my Linksys Smart wifi MX10 Mesh Router?

The Linksys smart wifi MX10 Mesh with WIFI-6 router and Its bandwidth can support 50 + wireless clients and still give WIFI coverage up to large areas of 6000 square feet. It also provides ultra-fast reliable WIFI coverage for streaming HD videos, games, download, upload, and much more. With this VELOP of WIFI-6, you can have up to 5.3 Gbps speed. If you wish to replace your existing router, you need to connect this Linksys router setup MX10 Mesh with the WIFI-6 router with the host modem of your home. Are you worried about the security issues in your Linksys router login? Leave your worries. It is with a 3-years warranty. Let’s move towards the setup and installation of this Amazing and trending router.

Setup the Primary Linksys Velop node with your Wifi MX10 Mesh Router

Step (1)

Go to the apple app store or the Google play store, and download and install the “Linksys smart wifi App” on your current working PC, laptop, mobile, or Macintosh. After getting over the downloading process, click the icon to install the app. If you don’t know how to download the Linksys router login App, contact

Step (2)

If you have installed the [Linksys App] successfully, launch the app, scroll down with your cursor, and click Launch Setup. Linksys router setup will ask for the location data to function and get your permission. After that, you have to allow the app to go on to the next step. Permit it by clicking to ALLOW.

Step (3)

The next page will show you the terms and conditions to agree. Read the entire page of terms and conditions, and if you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, click AGREE to go NEXT. Now, you will be asked about the type of routers that you are using or about to set up. Go to the list and select “Linksys router setup MX10 WIFI 6 router, or you can select any of the following options.

  • “I use the modem from my ISP, and I am replacing my router with the Linksys login.
  • “I have a gateway from my ISP (With modem and a router together).

Step (4)

Then plugin the Linksys router setup MX10’s first NODE that you want to set as the primary NODE, and then select “Its Plugged In”. Connect the new Linksys smart wifi MX10 to your modem using an Ethernet cable. And then, select the option [It is Connected], and go next. Now your smartphone talks to your new router with a new internet connection.

Step (5)

There will be an LED light on your Linksys smart wifi MX10 node that will turn purple at the time of getting ready to use. Go ahead by selecting the NEXT once it is changed. Then it will ask to create an account to get the support services and future notifications.

Step (6)

Enter your email address with the password to manage your VELOP MX10 network. Then you can select the option to create an account. Enter the email address and the password you have made to log into the Linksys router login account. Then go NEXT. On this page, you are to enter the name and the password for your WIFI network.


You can get these details from the body of your Linksys smart wifi MX10 router. Look carefully at the printed label of the router. It is better to change the default details just after setup and configuration for the first time. Select a unique name and the password for your new and primary NODE of the Velop MESH router. Then you can click NEXT. Your First VELOP NODE has been set up and is ready to use. Select next to know about the Next procedure, or click to know about further issues during setups.


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