How do I fix Linksys Velop light Issues and what does it mean

The Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi system has become the best out of the traditional routers and range extenders. It gives you a seamless 100 % Wi-Fi experience. The Velop system works with some nodes. Each node has a light on the top of it which shows the functioning of the device. Linksys Velop lights are the medium to show the condition of the router. Various colours of lights on the Linksys Velop login system show the situation of the router’s connectivity.

Make sure about following things before going for fixing of the Linksys Velop lights’ issue:

  • Proper power supply.
  • Check all the wires and cables. They should not be damaged or broken.
  • Check whether your hardware is in proper working condition.
  • Check whether the firmware is updated.

Below mentioned are the various forms of lights that can appear on the top of your node and the reasons for their appearance:

Blue– Connected to internet. The Linksys Velop light blue appears when the node is online and the connection is good. You do not need any fix in this situation.

Blue (Blinking) – Powering on. The blinking blue light appears when the system is powering on. Wait for the node to power on. You can fix the irritating blinking blue light by doing the following:

  1. Check the cables and connections- A loose or broken cable may lead to the breakage of internet connectivity. It is recommended to check the cables carefully. Check whether the light turns solid after fixing the cables.
  2. Restart the router only- Unplug the router from power. Then wait for two minutes and plug it in again. It may help the blinking blue light turn blue.
  3. Restart your network- Unplug both the router and the modem. Disconnect the battery from the modem. After that, wait for a few minutes and plug it in again. It will certainly help to fix the issue.
  4. Contact customer support- The last step left is contacting customer care. They will resolve the problem remotely or they will send a technician to your residence.

Purple– Router is ready for setup. Open the Linksys App to complete the setup process.

Purple (Blinking) – Setup in progress. The purple light shows blinking when the setup procedure is in progress. Follow the instructions in the Linksys App to complete the setup. There is nothing to worry about in case of blinking purple light.

Red – It appears for no internet. The red light on your Linksys router indicates an interrupted internet connection. It shows that you are not online at the moment. In such a situation, check with your Internet Service Provider for service interruptions. The basic steps to be followed in fixing the red light issue are:

  • Check whether the power supply is uninterrupted.
  • Check all the cable connections. The cables should be in proper working condition. Sometimes broken cables become the reason for such connectivity issues.
  • Check the compatibility of your devices.
  • Try to reboot your Linksys router.
  • Disconnect your router, modem, and the extender that are connected wirelessly.
  • Reset your Linksys to the factory settings and configure it again.
  • Check whether your hardware is working properly. Make sure it is not damaged while un-boxing.
  • Cross-check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the connection.

Red (Blinking) – Linksys Velop red light shows that the router is out of Range. The node is not in the range of another node. Move it closer to another node. If this is your primary node, Make sure that it is firmly connected to your modem. Verify whether you have selected the compatible network frequency in the router settings. Try to restart the router. Unplug your router from the modem. After that, turn off the router spectrum and your computer.

Yellow or Orange– Linksys Velop yellow light shows weak Connection. Your node is connected to the internet but the signal is weak. Move it closer to another node so that the signal can be improved. Here’s the quick fix to resolve Velop light orange light:

  • Ensure that your router has a good internet connection and the Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • Unplug the range extender and move it closer to the router. Now plug it in again and wait for the network.
  • The issue related to yellow or orange light will be resolved.

So, the Linksys Velop lights’ issues can be resolved using the above-discussed guide.  You just have to be sure about the connectivity of your router. Internet connection is the major issue in every device.  A technician can help you to resolve the issues related to Linksys Velop lights. You can call our technical experts for guidance.  They will either guide you online or will reach your address.

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