Fix the Speed issue with your Linksys Velop router

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi login ensures you are receiving the correct speeds. In the below section, we will talk about the issues and the problems arising during the Linksys Velop setup and login. You must know how to set up a Linksys Velop to enjoy the benefits of a Linksys router login. You should know how to set it up and login into the dashboard. Use the default login details. You can find it in the upcoming section.

Particulars of your favourite Linksys Velop router 

Let’s get an introduction to this Mesh Wi-Fi router;

  • It has a link aggregations with 802.3ad;
  • Traffic-Analyzer with MU-MIMO tech;
  • Gamer’s network with WTFast;
  • Lifetime protection for free of cost (AiProtection);
  • It Empowers you with parental control and a guest Network of 2.4 GHz x3, 5 GHz x 3;
  • VPN and PPTP server settings along with VPN and PPTP clients;
  • It also provides you with the 3G/4G data sharing mechanisms;

Troubleshooting steps for the speed issue in your Linksys Velop router 

First of all, consider how you connect to the internet network. Some customers connect through the Wi-Fi network. Connecting through a wireless and a wifi network is more convenient than having a cable connection obstructing. Although the Wi-Fi network is convenient it has many disadvantages also.

Change the Linksys Velop setup channel frequency

  • Regarding the Wi-Fi frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the 5GHz is faster in principle.
  • But it is difficult for the signals to pass through the walls.
  • It also creates more interference to the devices connected to the network.
  • On the flipside, 2.4GHz frequency can provide speeds up to 450Mbps-600Mbps.
  • But it is much easier for it to pass the signals through the walls.
  • It can also combat interference from other devices to reduce signal traffic.

Change the position of the router 

  • Sometimes, moving the router to another place will increase the signal strength.
  • Keep it away from the electrical devices, larger metal objects, microwaves, ovens, cordless phones, etc.
  • Never place your Linksys Smart wifi router behind the bookshelves and under a table.
  • Keep your router and the other nodes on a table in an open place.
  • Never keep it near any electrical gadget or electromagnetic devices.
  • To attain the most accurate result, test the speed via the Linksys App.

Investigate the App rendering slow speeds 

It is a common issue that the speed test indicates the speeds capped at 100mbps. If your plan offers more, then the Ethernet cable from the modem to the router is causing issues. Try another Ethernet cable or the power line adapter. If the is still giving a slow speed, try to reset the modem and router.

  • For reset, press and hold down the reset button on both devices.
  • Press the reset button on your Linksys Velop router and the modem for about 20 seconds.
  • After that, your Linksys router login devices and the modem will get their factory default settings.
  • In addition, check the network card also. If your device holds an outdated network card, then replace it.
  • An outdated network card may only reach up to speeds of 100mbps.
  • You can ask your internet service provider to replace your Network card.

Do the speed test on your Linksys Velop router

Are you on a 400mbps plan, but getting 150mbps on your device? Then, first, you should do a speed test on the App. If the speeds are lower than 400mbps, then attempt to do the following measures:

  • Firstly, plug a laptop straight into the modem. Use an Ethernet cable to plug it.
  • Do you have a spare Ethernet cable? Then use the one between the modem and router.
  • Check, if speeds are still lower than expected, attempt to reset the modem.
  • Press and hold the reset button on your router and range extender for 20 sec.
  • When the Linksys Smart wifi login is back up, test it once again.
  • If there is no change in speeds, contact our support team any time you need.
  • Do you not have a laptop to test the internet speed? Then check it on a smartphone.

To get you back online, there are some things that we can check and perhaps even resolve without having to call support.

Let’s start with the Linksys Velop setup after troubleshooting 

  • Connect your mobile devices to the Wi-Fi network of your Linksys Velop login device.
  • Install the Linksys Velop app. If you already have it, then skip this step.
  • Open the app and click on the option Manage your Wi-Fi network.
  • Note: – If you have an Android device, click the login option instead of managing WiFi.
  • Once you get prompts, fill in the necessary details to get the next level for the Linksys Velop setup.
  • Following the prompts, you will get the login dashboard.

In case of any doubt and query, call our customer care experts. They are in your service for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Moreover, you will get reliable solutions and accurate guidance under the supervision of our team.


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