Configure the Linksys AC1900 Max-Stream WIFI Extender

Linksys extender login with AC1900 is a Max-Stream Wi-Fi Range Extender. It can work in two different modes. One of which is Access Point Mode. You can set it up as an access point and the other as a range extender. The users can set this Wi-Fi extender as per their needs and convenience. First of all, we will be discussing the method to set it up in range extender mode. Last but not least, check some essential requirements that you must have before beginning the process. Also, verify your wireless connection to the network.

Methods and steps to get the Linksys extender setup page your AC1900  

The first step is to power on your Linksys AC1900 Wi-Fi extender by plugging it into the electric outlet and pressing the power button. Then you have to sit until you see the LEDs of the router blink in Amber colour.

  1. Unlock and launch a web browser in your mobile or computer or Mac computer.
  2. And then, visit the top line of the browser called the address line.
  3. Type the IP address, like, or you can also type
  4. After that, your setup wizard will be launched quickly and show your homepage as the gateway to the Linksys login page.
  5. Now you can click on the start setup key, and then you will be asked to create an ADMIN password. You can hit the save option to go to the next step by putting these details.
  6. You will see a list of Wi-Fi networks demonstrated in front of you so that you can select the type of network.
  7. Then a pop-up will be popped to you, asking about your password. Input the password and then hit the OK key.
  8. If you found that your network name has not been displayed on the screen and is hidden, you can go for [Manually Enter Network Name and Password].
  9. Then the next step will tell you to designate the extended network and the SSID along with the password.
  10. A ‘support Finder’ page will pop up to you to analyze the strength and power of the signals between your router and the range extender modes.
  11. Place the router and the extender in a specific area to get the signals.
  12. If you find that your range extender cannot get the signals from the router, try to bring or move your Linksys AC1900 a little closer to your router.

You can replace the positions of both the devices with some other place. It should be the most centric location of your house. If you enable the auto-update feature of the extender and the router, it will upgrade to the latest whenever the brand releases the new and latest firmware. And thus, your Linksys extender setup and login will become sophisticated. Place the extender as per your comfort and convenience to remove the dead spots from your house.

Methods and techniques to update the firmware of your Linksys extender setup AC1900 

Firmware is the software in any extender required to update timely. It helps to improve the functions and the features of any engineering product. If you do not update the firmware of your wifi extender or the router, it will gradually become slow and will start producing so many problems due to the old and rugged firmware. Do not worry about the firmware update for your Linksys extender login page, and visit the or the official website. You now get the latest version of the firmware for your extender. It also boosts the performance of your router and the extender.

Step to get the extender to its latest version of the firmware.

  1. To begin the process, go to the online setting portal of the extender and log in.
  2. For the web address, you can use in your web browser’s address line.
  3. After putting this web address into the address line, click enter to proceed with the process ahead.
  4. A window will pop up on your screen.
  5. Here you have to put the default authentication credentials, like your username and the password.
  6. After providing the details on your default credentials, the window will pop up to click at the login tab, and as you click that tab, a login page will appear to you.
  7. Go to the Administration, and there you will find the latest firmware update information.
  8. If you find your extender needs to get that latest updated firmware.
  9. Then click on the option Update Firmware.
  10. As you click the option to update the firmware, it will start the updating process.

Linksys extender setup and Linksys router login process will take a couple of minutes to complete, do not try to hinder the process, else you can lose your extender’s firmware. You can see, it has removed all the bugs and the malicious files from the software of your extender. And now your extender is giving much better signals and speed.


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