Linksys Velop Login

Linksys Velop Login | Linksys Velop App Login

Linksys Velop Login requires you to download the Linksys Velop app to set up your mesh wifi system. Go to the app store of your device and download the Linksys App. If you are using an android device, then go to the Google Play Store. If you have an iOS device like Apple or Mac, then go to the Apple App Store in order to set up the Linksys Velop System. Linksys Velop App allows the user to get into the Linksys Velop system. After login, you can change the settings accordingly.

What is Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh WIFI system Login?

With Linksys Velop, there will be no WIFI dead-spots in your home. WIFI repeaters and range extenders have helped the users a lot but today is the time to get whole-home mesh WIFI systems. Linksys Velop login provides you with a flexible, flawless, and rapid WIFI to covers the entire home. It comes with one, two or three WIFI nodes or satellites, 2 LAN ports, six antennas, 2200 megabits per second, and tri-band technology to create a whole-home Mesh WIFI blanket.

Need of Linksys Velop login system




Linksys Velop login system setup gives you an interconnected series of satellites or nodes that fill your home with WIFI all around. It ensures total signal coverage for your house as well as office. Linksys Velop WIFI mesh system has intelligent Mesh technology to strengthen your WIFI signal.

With the Linksys Velop login, you don’t even require a range extender or a WIFI repeater. The satellites come with your Linksys Velop router seamlessly communicate with each other to provide you with a complete-home Mesh WIFI coverage.

Linksys Velop tri-band Mesh is a high performing modular WIFI system. It works the same way you expect from your router, or the range extender should work and offer a seamless WIFI network. It works like a power device loaded with all new and advanced features.

Linksys Velop Login Instruction

On Linksys Velop Login Dashboard

On the dashboard of your Linksys Velop login page, you can view the devices connected to the Linksys Velop nodes. You can share a password with as many users as you want, allow guest access to your guests, and can see the devices with parental control enabled on them.

  • On the device section, you can easily change the settings of devices associated with Linksys Velop.
  • You can also change Guest Network settings, username, the name of connected devices, device icon, etc.
  • The Linksys Velop dashboard also gives you access to change or modify WIFI details, prioritize devices, and much more.

Change your Linksys Velop login password

  1. While being on Linksys Velop dashboard, tap on the ‘Menu’ icon available in the upper left corner.
  2. Go under the WIFI settings and tap Network ‘Administration’ to change the password.
  3. Click the option ‘Change Velop Password’ and hit enter button.
  4. Next, you need to enter the new password and username in the marked fields.
  5. After creating a password, create an optional password for the recovery.
  6. Click the SAVE button. An email, generated automatically, will be sent declaring that the admin password of your device has changed successfully.
Linksys Web interface

Linksys Velop Login Password Change through a Web Interface

  • To change your Linksys Velop login password using a web browser requires a PC or a computer to connect with your router’s network.
  • Connect a computer or a PC to your Linksys Velop using an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the central node or the primary Linksys Velop node to the modem using another Ethernet cable.
  • Launch a web browser if it is already available on your computer, else download a fresh one.
  • Go to the search field of the browser and type in www.linksyssmartwifi com or and click enter.
  • If it is not your default IP address and the web domain is not working, then get the IP address do as following:
  • Go to the Linksys dashboard>tap the Menu icon>and then Velop Administration.
  • Select the primary node and look for the IP address.
  • On the Linksys Velop login page, enter the username and password of your Velop as directed through the instructions.
  • The default Linksys Router login username and password have already been printed on the label of your Primary Node.
  • On the Basic home page, click the option ‘Connectivity’ under Router Settings.
  • On the Basic tab, click Edit next to the admin password.
  • This page, enter the desired password and user name. You can also add an optional password hint.
  • Click the apply button. The changes done by you will save soon as you hit the apply button.

In the above section, you have acknowledged this wonderful and powerful WIFI system. The further discussion is to understand Linksys Velop Mesh WIFI system set up using an Ethernet cable and computer.

  1. Connect all Linksys Velop nodes to one another using the Ethernet cables.
  2. An Ethernet cable connection increases the range and speed of your mesh WIFI system.
  3. It reduces wireless interference to provide you with smooth and lag-free streaming.
  4. Once you are done, with the wired setup, connect all nodes using the Ethernet cable to switch on a wired network.
  5. Use Linksys Velop management app to set up a primary node.
  6. Once the primary node is connected, add the second node with the help of a wireless setup.
  7. Connect the secondary nodes with the electric outlet available near you.
  8. The secondary node will automatically switch on a wired connection.
  9. If you have more nodes or satellites to connect to the network, follow the same process.
Linksys Router Setup

Linksys Velop Mesh System Settings with the Linksys App

Linksys Velop Mesh System Settings using the Linksys App allows the users to change, view their Velop system settings and make the WIFI network more secure. All your devices connected to the Linksys Velop app will feel safe and smooth to run on the network. With this commendable feature, you will be able to access your Linksys Velop system settings from anywhere in the world. You may access your home network even if not connected to the internet. Follow the below simple steps to do this.

  1. First of all, download the app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store.
  2. Log in to the Linksys Smart WIFI cloud account or create if you haven’t any.
  3. Open the Linksys app when you have logged in to your Linksys cloud account.
  4. Enter the email address. Use the email address that you used to create a Linksys cloud account.
  5. Enter the Linksys cloud account password and tap on the login button.
  6. Linksys Velop login process has completed with this last action.
linksys velop dual band

Firmware Update using Linksys Velop App

Updating the firmware of your Linksys smart WIFI Velop keeps your WIFI features up-to-date and fixes most of the performance-related issues. This article is going to show you how to automatically upgrade the firmware of your Linksys router using the Linksys Velop app. Firstly, you need to download the firmware file from the Linksys support website. Download the latest version of the firmware and download it on your computer. Follow the instructions to manually upgrade the firmware.

Linksys Velop App Firmware Update

  • On your mobile device, download and launch the app.
  • Tap to launch the app and access the Linksys app dashboard.
  • Click the Menu button on the top-left side of the screen.
  • Click on the Network Administration.
  • Enable the “Automatic Firmware Update’ feature or might have enabled by default.
  • When the automatic firmware update feature is enabled, your Velop gets updated automatically whenever a firmware launches.
  • No matter how many nodes you have connected to the network, all will update automatically.
  • In case you have turned off the automatic firmware update feature, you will be notified whenever firmware is available.
  • Wait until the light on your Linksys Velop is solid blue, pointing that your Velop is ready to use.
  • Do not unplug or restart the unit until the firmware update is complete.

Linksys Velop Firmware Update via Web Interface

  1. On a computer, the device launches a web browser.
  2. The computer must be communicating to the Velop WIFI network.
  3. Enter the default IP address of your Linksys Velop and click the enter key.
  4. On the Linksys Velop login page, enter the default login details.’
  5. Use admin for the user ID tab and password for the password tab.
  6. When you access the Linksys Velop dashboard, click connectivity under the Router settings.
  7. If the automatic firmware update has enabled by default, the firmware will upgrade on its own as soon as new firmware is released.
  8. To disable this feature, uncheck the checkbox and select the manually update firmware option.

Linksys Velop firmware update using a Mobile device


  1. An android or iOS mobile device with the latest Linksys Velop app
  2. A Linksys Server account


Linksys Velop Firmware Update Instructions

    1. Connect the mobile device to your Linksys Velop WIFI network and launch the app.
    2. On the dashboard of the app, click the login button.
    3. Enter the required email ID and passphrase for your Linksys server/cloud account.
    4. Tap the Login button to log in through the internet.
    5. If you do not want to access the app dashboard directly over the internet, click on the option “Use Admin Password”.
    6. Enter the Linksys Velop login admin password and tap on the login button.
    7. As you are now eligible to access various settings, go to the Menu and tap on My Account.
    8. You are now on the dashboard of the app. Here you can see the status of the Velop system, number of devices connected to the dashboard.
    9. You will also see the option for firmware update on this dashboard.
    10. Click on the firmware update option as you see any pending update.

Linksys Velop Tri-Band Mesh WIFI Features

Linksys Velop tri-band Mesh WIFI router is a versatile WIFI system of the 21st century. There features MIMO smart antennas to facilitate superior range while eliminating dead zones. Throw a glance at the features given in the below lines:

linksys mesh


By using your Linksys app, you can view or change Velop system settings to make your Wi-Fi more secure or to work better with a device or game anytime. You can also access settings from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection but, you can also access your Velop system directly from your home network if you are not online.

Explained into fewer steps below: 

  • Download the Linksys App from the Google Play Store or IOS App store to proceed further.
  • Once the installation is done, Open the Linksys app.
  • Type the register Email ID through which you created the account.
  • Enter the Account login Password
  • Tap Log in.

The dashboard is a snapshot of your Wi-Fi. Check the devices that are connected to the Linksys Velop system. The dashboard also shows you if any devices have parental controls on them or have been prioritized for Wi-Fi access.

You can view and change details for all devices connected to your Wi-Fi. You can also view devices on your main network and your guest network, or display information about each device

To view or change device details

From the Devices screen, you can change the device icons and can edit the device name. You can prioritize devices, set parental controls, and see Wi-Fi details in this option.

View or change your Wi-Fi name and password and connect devices using Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Advanced users can change the default security type and Wi-Fi mode anytime so please be sure not to change these unless you have a lot of experience with Wi-Fi networks. Channel Finder will search for the most-open Wi-Fi channels in your area to ensure you get the best performance from your Velop system. If you have more than one node in your Velop system then the Channel Finder will find the best channel for each node.

WPS allows you to easily connect wireless devices to your Wi-Fi without manually entering security settings.


You can use your Guest Access anytime and allow guests to get online while restricting their access to other resources connected to your Wi-Fi.

Run a speed test to make sure you are getting the speeds you are paying for. This test also helps in Device Prioritization because results determine how Wi-Fi is distributed to the prioritized devices

  • Download speed: It is the rate at which internet content is transferred to your Velop system.
  • Upload speed: It is the rate at which you can upload content to the internet.


Note— The Internet connection speeds are determined by a variety of factors like, including ISP account type, local and worldwide internet traffic, and a number of devices in your home that are sharing the internet connection.

Parental controls allow you to control when your kids are online and what they’re doing there. You can block the internet to specific devices, or block specific websites in this option.

You can choose up to three devices for priority usage of your internet connection. Those devices – wired and/or wireless — always will have the best access when connected. Velop runs a speed test to determine how to best distribute Wi-Fi to prioritize devices. Other devices will share the leftover capacity. Prioritized devices appear on the Dashboard.

Velop can notify you when nodes in your system go offline if you select this option. You can even ask Velop to alert you when a node is connected with an Ethernet cable to another node and is ready for setup. You have to turn on notifications in your mobile device settings to allow Velop to notify you.

You can use the VA screen to change the admin password and hint, and check various identifiers (model number, serial number, and IP details) for all nodes in your Wi-Fi. Even you can Opt-in to automatically report crashes to Linksys and contribute to improving the Wi-Fi experience or you can manually report specific issues to Linksys

You can choose how your Velop system connects to the internet. The default is Automatic Configuration – DHCP. There are other connection types and depend on your internet service provider or how you plan to use your Velop system. Moreover, advanced users can use these settings to clone MAC addresses and set MTU (maximum transmission unit).

A single port, multiple ports, or a range of ports sends traffic inbound on specific port or ports to a specific device or port on your Wi-Fi. Velop watches outgoing data for specific port numbers in port range triggering. Velop also remembers the IP address of the device that requests the data so that when the requested data returns, it is routed back to the proper device.

Please be informed that every network device has a unique 12-digit MAC (media access control) address. In this, you can allow or deny the device that connected over the network

You can change your Linksys account password and opt-in to receive the latest news and deals from Linksys